(Micki Free- Grammy Winner and Five Time Native American Music Award recipient), a musical warrior.

“Music from the heart, from Micki Free to the universe…traveling on a healing trip of love, light and energy through my Native American Flute Music. Now is the time to unite the world to come together, to heal our wounds of doubt towards our fellow man…Peace, Love and understanding is the true answer to our worldly problems, communicate, appreciate reaching out from our comfort zones to encourage and empower others…Imagine, just Imagine…if we could all cherish humanity, knowing we are all brothers and sisters".


I’m sure most people find it strange after hearing me play “blues guitar”, and then hearing my “Native American flute music” wonder where my inspiration comes from. The truth is both of my styles are driven by a “passion deep in my subconscious mind and heart”;  to create music in both styles, with a searing love for each. …

Being a child of a “mixed-blood Cherokee mother, and a Comanche father, it’s no wonder I am passionately driven by my Two Hearts but joined together with my ONE soul. It gives me great satisfaction that I can express myself in both of these musical styles (please go here: to view my bio).  

● About The Music 

Writing my Native American flute music is like a “soothing eagle feather caressing my heart & soul”, inspiration comes from a place deep within as I write and record the music and spoken word. In some songs, of course, I used my “Gibson Humming Bird guitar and I always use “traditional native instruments” as well; Native American flutes, Cherokee deer toes, pow wow dance bells, Comanche gourd rattle, Comanche shakers, chimes, and of course the burning of California white sage to cleanse and purify each song and the recording sessions.

Micki Free